5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows to Run iOS Apps

Do you want to use any iOS app but don’t have any iPhone? Don’t worry, as today I will be sharing how you can iOS apps in your PC/Computer using iPhone Emulators. Moreover, I was also getting many queries regarding best iOS Emulator For Windows using which we can run iOS apps in Windows Computer. So, If you are looking for the same, Keep reading the article as I will list all iOS based Emulators which is available for Windows platform currently. 

Before writing the article, as usually I decided to do research on iOS Emulators and came to conclusion that most of them don’t work properly. So without wasting the time anymore, let’s start with some introduction about emulators first.

best ios emulator for Windows

What is iOS Emulator?

Let me explain the term Emulator to you first. Emulator is a software/program using which you can run apps/programs of other OS like Android, iOS etc. So iPhone emulator is software/program which allows you to run iOS apps/games on your PC/Computer without any need of iPhone. These emulators are really helpful for developers especially while developing programs/apps/games for other platform. As it will be very time consuming to transfer the app to iPhone every time for testing it. In such cases, Emulators becomes very handy.

Don’t worry, these emulators will solve our purpose to run iOS apps on PC/Computer too.

There are many iOS emulator for Windows PC, but here We will list best emulators for iOS for your Windows Computer, so that you can easily run your favourite iOS apps in your Windows based computer. As, you guys know that iOS is the favourite OS for developers and most of the apps which get released is first launched for iOS only (Heard about Prisma app?). On the other hand, iPhones are very costly and many of us don’t find it worth those bucks too, so most of us end up buying a budget smartphone only. 

I think you have already got enough idea about emulators – What they are and how it will serve our purpose. So, Let’s discuss about best iOS/iPad Emulator for Windows without any delay now.

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There are dozens of emulators for iOS available for Windows PC and it’s really very difficult for most of us to find best one for our personal use. But don’t worry as our team had researched about iOS Emulators in-depth before writing this article, so that you can easily select best emulators from the below list.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 :

1) iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian is one of best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC which you can download now. iPadian Emulator is available in two versions. One is free and another one is of 10$ by which you can run any iOS app like Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. which you can not run in free iPadian Emulator. I strongly recommend you to buy their 10$ version as it’s totally worth every penny. For 10$ you can get premium version of iPadian Emulator which is totally ad free. But, still if you do not want to buy or don’t want to invest in the premium version of iPadian, then you can go with free version as well without any kind of issues. I have personally tried iPadian for Windows 8.

best ios emulator for pc

Some features of iPadian Emulator for PC:

  1. Free version of iPadian Emulator can give you basic iOS feel for free.
  2. Access to customised store App Store in free version.
  3. In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store.
  4. Premium version is totally ad free.
  5. Moreover, it’s cheap also. (Premium version is available for 10$ only).

How to Install iPadian Emulator in Your Windows Computer:

To run, iPadian iPhone Emulator in your Computer, simply follow below steps.

  1. First of all, Download iPadian Emulator from below link.
  2. Double, Click on installation file which you have downloaded in above step.
  3. Follow, on screen options and Click on Next accordingly.
  4. Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator in your PC, you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer.

How to run iOS Apps in Windows 7/8/8.1 PC by iPadian Emulator:

Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator for iOS in your Windows Computer. You will see iPadian icon on dekstop.

  • Simply, do a double click on iPadian icon.
  • Now from their interface, simply click on store.
  • Download your favourite apps from there and enjoy iOS emulator on PC.


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2) MobiOne Studio (Officially Discontinued)


MobiOne Studio is undoubtedly one of the best iOS Emulators for Windows. You can run any iOS app on your PC with few clicks of your mouse. Moreover, this emulator will not only allow you to run iOS apps on your PC but you can also run Android apps on your PC using MobiOne studio. All apps created in the MobiOne studio are based on HTML5 and it will be supported on all devices. MobiOne Studio is not free but still you can avail it’s 15 days trial.

Update – This iPhone Emulator is officially discontinued now but you can still install it in your computer by downloading EXE file of it from third party sites.


3) Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is another one of best iOS Emulator which is available for Windows 7/8/8.1 etc. Using this emulator, you can run iOS apps on your Windows computer or pc without any hassle. This app is must try app for every guy. If you are an iOS developer, then you try out this emulator to try your apps for free. If you didn’t liked iPadian Emulator, especially it’s free version, then you must try out this alternative of iPadian emulator which is pretty good and totally free to use.

best ios emulator for windows

How to install Air Phone Emulator in PC:

  1. First of all, Download Air Phone Emulator for pc from below link.
  2. Simply, do a double click on it and follow instructions.
  3. Click on Finish at the end.


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4) Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is one of the best iOS based emulators for windows. In terms of developer support, I have to say that Xamarin Testflight is best ios emulator for pc to give a try once. Though, its paid emulator for Windows, but believe me it’s worth it.

best ios emulator for windows

In this post, I will not cover how to setup this emulator as developer of Xamarin Testflight has written detailed tutorial on the same on their official blog.


5. Appetize.Io

Appetize.Io is one of the best iOS Emulators for Windows. Note that it is cloud based emulator and you can not download it in your PC/Computer. Earlier, there was an iPhone emulator known as App.io but it is not available any more. So, if you are looking for App.io alternative, then Appetize.io is a must-try.

It is available for free for first 100 minutes per month. After that you will be charged $ 0.05 per minute which is very reasonable too. Note that you will not be able to install any app in the emulator as it’s demo based but you can test .ipa files in it. 

To use it, just upload .ipa file in the upload form and enter your email address. You will get a link in your mail inbox. Just click on it to test your .ipa file in the Appetize.io online Emulator.

Visit Website


In this post, we have tried our best to discuss all about best ios emulator for Windows which you can run ios apps in Windows. We have also shared features of each of best emulator of iOS for Windows laptop. Still, if you are having any doubt related to best ios emulator for computer, then feel free to comment below with your query.

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