Frozen? Come in from the Cold and Watch Hallmark Movies All Weekend Long!!! + Hallmark’s Winter TCA is Coming, Valentine Preview Show, & more!!!

Saturday January 13, 2018:

Let your heart be warmed by this icy “Winterfest” story…

Frozen in Love

Storyline via Hallmark: Mary faces the grim reality of her quaint but stagnant Denver store closing, she reaches out for some PR help to turn things around. At the same time, the handsomely wild, flashy “live-in-the-moment” Denver Royals hockey star Adam is sent to the same PR firm to fix his reputation, and the two are paired together… Click Here to Read More…

See the Premiere of Frozen in Love
Saturday January 13, 2018
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

Sunday January 14, 2018:

You’re gonna dig an all new…

Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Storyline via Hallmark: When archaeologist Emma Fielding is called upon to consult on a state historical project and discovers the body of another archeologist in a secret chamber beneath the castle, she calls in her pal, FBI agent Jim Conner, to help her sort out the evidence and determine…

See the Premiere of Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery
Sunday January 14, 2018
at 9pm/8c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

*SPECIAL EVENT: Hallmark’s Winter TCA gathering is occurring this Saturday night – January 13th! I will be sharing press releases and more! It’s always an exciting time to see what’s ahead for the Hallmark network! You never know what surprises are in store for all of us viewers in 2018 and beyond!!!

*At the end of the month, Lori Loughlin will be hosting the 2018 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Preview Show! See the special: Saturday, January 27 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Besides the new TV Movies, Hallmark is also playing these good ones this weekend… “My Favorite Wedding,” “Love on the Slopes,” “Love on the Sidelines,” “Unleashing Mr. Darcy,” “Falling for Vermont,” “Love on the Ice” and more!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful, Warm Weekend! We have another Wintery Storm Mix coming through our area! Whether we have snowballs or icicles, we are definitely, once again, in a deep freeze! So, it’s a rather perfect time – to watch a movie with the title “Frozen in Love”! I wish we could all endure it like Elsa in Frozen and say “the cold never bothered me anyway,” but when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose and toes, it’s time to be safe and get indoors! And, since we must stay inside, in from the cold, let the Hallmark movies roll!!!

Blessings to You All! Net
“Some people are worth melting for!”
~ Olaf, Frozen

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