Hallmark Channel’s “Gone Country” with a Country Singer Superstar!

Via a story on the web-site tennessean.com, it has been revealed that country singer, actor, and film producer Kix Brooks, who is half of the great country duo – Brooks and Dunn, (you know “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”) is in the process of creating a Hallmark Channel movie, currently titled “Gone Country.” (Interestingly enough… “Gone Country” is actually the title of a country song by Alan Jackson!)

image via: etsy – “Gone Country” wooden sign


According to the tennessean.com, “Brooks compared it (this new Hallmark movie) to the Reese Witherspoon movie “Sweet Home Alabama” in that “Gone Country” is about a country girl who moved to New York City and lied about her background to succeed. “She has to make her family lie for her and this and that and gets in a big mess,” Brooks said. “It’s another coming of life story. It’s interesting to work with Hallmark because they have their formula and the way they do things. But we have a history of making pretty decent movies for not a lot of money, and they like that.””

My *Quick* Take:

I love the sound of this movie… country girl leaves the small pond and jumps feet first into the ocean, so to speak. The premise of the story must be – will she sink or swim? Also, will she be true to herself, those she loves, and where she came from? Overall, sounds like an ideal Hallmark movie! It kind of reminds me, a little, of “Autumn Dreams” when Jill Wagner’s character – country farm-girl Annie Hancock visits New York City. She’s definitely a fish out of water in that one!

I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about this movie and who will star as the Country Girl!
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