I Am Deeply Troubled That Anyone Could Be Fooled by the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Olympic Impersonators

A Donald Trump and a Kim Jong Un impersonator caused a ruckus during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. The duo briefly made their way into the media area and turned to salute the crowd before being ushered away by security. Not a bad conceit and mostly harmless, but I can’t help but be gripped by the horrible realization that some people were actually fooled by these impostors.

Do these two look more like the world leaders than your average man off the street? Sure. But take a closer look at fake Trump. Take a closer look at that skinny, youthful, and vibrant Jong Un. Get real, guys.

To be fooled a person would also have to be naive enough to think the two adversaries would secretly travel to the Games without the news being reported, then bury the hatch and become friends like some sort of bad bro-com flick.

And yet, I’ll bet dollars to donuts some people took pictures and texted “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT” to friends because, well, they themselves believed it.

Tell me I’m wrong.

The Big Lead

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