Lori, Candace, and Fiona’s Hallmark Movie Sweaters!!! #Sleuthers

Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie and wondered – “where did she get that dress, that handbag, or in this case… that sweater?”

Most of the time, I’m asked about Candace Cameron Bure and Lori Loughlin, but today I’m adding a new name in the mix – Fiona Gubelmann (from “Christmas Next Door”)! See their sweaters, from their Hallmark shows/movies below!

First up, is Lori Loughlin! Oh my goodness, did you love the Winter-White sweater Lori wore in Hallmark’s 2018 Winterfest Preview Show! UMMM…. YES, You Did!!! I was asked quite a bit about it!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

In fact, all the ladies in my family fell in love with Lori’s beautiful peplum sweater, too, and, of course wondered if I knew where it might be from, the designer, etc???

Well, I’m happy to share my sweet sister (who is an awesome shopping sleuth!) located this one – and here’s the scoop on where it can be found…

Bloomingdales – BOSS Funda Textured Sweater
images via: Bloomingdales

It is such a gorgeous sweater… a pretty (somewhat pricey!) piece that should never go out of style!

Next up, are two lovely and fun sweaters Candace Cameron Bure wore in the latest Aurora movie-
“Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

I discovered this fabulous floral embroidered sweater WAS available from Ann Taylor LOFT this last fall and holiday season. Unfortunately, it was so popular it sold out on-line. However…..

image via: Ann Taylor Loft

However, you may still be able to locate it at your local Loft store or Ebay. In fact, I just found a size small listed on Ebay! (The price is incredibly low, so if you want it, snatch it fast!)

Candace’s CAT…. no it’s actually a FOX, Sweater!

screen grabs via: Hallmark’s “Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”

This sweater was made in TWO colors. It looks like Candace is wearing this FOX Sweater in the Smokey Grey Mix Color – which is currently sold out, but it’s also available in an Off-White Mix Color via RW&CO.com.

images via: RW&CO.com

Now, for Fiona Gubelmann! Many of fell in love with the movie “Christmas Next Door” + Fiona’s Grey Patchwork Cardigan Sweater!

screen grab via: “Christmas Next Door”

screen grab via: “Christmas Next Door”

Patchwork Cardigan image- via the GAP

This cozy cardigan sweater was such a hit at the GAP – that it sold out on-line over the holidays, but you may want to keep a check at your local GAP store, or even GAP on-line, for potential returns!

Hope you enjoyed this fun look today at Hallmark Movie Fashion!!!

If you have something you are searching for from a Hallmark movie, be sure to mention it in comments below… perhaps, someone has seen *it* somewhere and can you let you know where to find it!

What is your favorite sweater above? My personal choice is Candace’s Fox Sweater… it looks comfy, cute, and fun to wear! How ’bout you? Which one would you choose?

Blessings on your day!!! Net

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