Roundup: Harvey Weinstein Under Investigation; NFL Ratings Aren’t Great; Controversial Fast Food Map

David Blaine accused of rape … Jeff Hornacek doesn’t live in a Triangle-shaped house … RT was asked to register as a foreign agent, didn’t … Leonard Fournette banged-up, but expected to play … Time to hit the panic button on the Falcons … Quite a performance by John Kelly … LJ Scott racks up 7th driving charge … Tribune shareholders vote in favor of Sinclair merger … About that Wisconsin turnout … Ron Gardenhire to manage the Detroit Tigers … American Vandal was very funny … LAPD investigating Harvey Weinstein … Need to meet the person who will eat a $ 1,000 bagel … Dangerous marijuana out there, being dangerous … People out there packing heat … Hillary Clinton, shadow president … Miles Bridges says, yeah, bring in the FBI to clean up college basketball … Something deeply sickening about this budding ARod-David Ortiz friendship … Spectacularly bad hockey fight … Does Paul Weir owe this money … Still unclear exactly what happened in Niger … Demi Lovato.

These maps are always specious so I certainly don’t trust this fast food data. [Business Insider]

Who didn’t see a political run in J.D. Vance’s future? [Washington Post]

I wish I cared about anything as much as some people care about NFL ratings. [Sporting News]

Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding? Oh yeah.

Talking turkey.

We’ve all been there.

The Big Lead

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