Runaway Romance – an UP TV Movie starring Danielle Chuchran & Trevor Donovan!


Movie: Runaway Romance

Network: UP

Original Air Date: January 7, 2018

*Based on the book Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell. See here!


Trevor Donovan … Hunter
Danielle Chuchran … Ann
Tatum O’Neal … Veronica
Galadriel Stineman … Sarah
Branscombe Richmond … Alvey Newman
Lea Hutton Beasmore … Construction Worker
Valerie Jane Parker … Alycia
Ken Strunk … Abraham Troyer
Grace Wilson … Gretchen
Beau Davidson … Scott
Lolita Price … Tanya
Scott Summitt … Doyle Ward
Amelia Mann … Amish Woman
Drew Cash … Jimmy
Kellen Boyle … Ricky
Clara Harris … Amish Woman
Jeremy Aubrey … Amish Man


Storyline via UP: When she’s written out of her show, her relationship and her seemingly perfect life, reality TV star Ann Stanway leaves Hollywood and finds herself marooned in Amish country. But when Ann is taken in by the owner of a nearby Inn, and meets a handsome young architect, she discovers that the reality she left isn’t nearly as perfect as the one she’s found.

*Based on the book Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell. See here! (Kindle E-book version also available!)

Runaway Romance – Book

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*images via: UP-TV, American Cinema Inspires, and Runaway Production
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