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Deal: Get $80 in Project Fi credit when you buy a Pixel 2 from the Google Store

Now that we’re well passed the holiday season, retailers are getting a little more creative when it comes to moving merchandise. In the case of the Pixel 2/2 XL, Google is offering an interesting incentive for anyone looking to buy … Continue reading

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OnePlus confirms security breach, announces that credit card details of up to 40,000 users may have been stolen

The breaches were first reported on OnePlus’ forums when users noticed unusual activity on their credit cards (CC) following a purchase from OnePlus.net Latest News Tech on Firstpost

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Full list of 80 new banks and credit unions now supporting Android Pay

If Android Pay hopes to become the de facto method for mobile payments, they’re going to need more banks to support it. Google knows this and it’s way they continue to bring more banks into the fold. In fact, the … Continue reading

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OnePlus halts credit card sales as they investigate reports of fraudulent charges

We’re only a few weeks into 2018 and things are already off to a great start (/s). OnePlus could be the latest company to fall victim to online hackers stealing your credit card information. Earlier today, reports of suspicious charges … Continue reading

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Jeff Fisher and Jeff Fisher’s Friends Give Jeff Fisher Credit For 2017 Rams Being Good

Jeff Fisher is only 59-years old, so he’s still fairly young as far as coaches go. So it makes sense that he would want another coaching job as were the rumors earlier this month. On Friday Fisher went on Nashville’s … Continue reading

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T-Mobile’s newest deal offers businesses a $100 credit for every line they switch

T-Mobile’s latest promotion is aimed squarely at business customers. T-Mo is now offering businesses a $ 100 credit for every line that they switch. Business and government customers must port in corporate liable voice lines from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon … Continue reading

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Amazon is offering $50 of Google Play credit for only $45 [DEAL]

You can grab a $ 50 Google Play Gift Card for only $ 45. Pretty good deal if you’re looking to pick up some movies to take advantage of Movies Anywhere. Phandroid

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When you’re a good leader, you go to a disaster area to communicate three messages: we care, you can count on our help, and things will get better. Pretty simple. But then, we don’t have a good leader Trump uses … Continue reading

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$5 credit for Stephen King’s IT and other books on Google Play [DEAL]

Google Play Books is offering a $ 5 credit on several popular books including Stephen King’s IT, The Dark Tower, and more. Phandroid

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Ali Lee wants a credit card without any limit from her husband in the future

Ali Lee (李佳芯) wears a white dress to attend credit card activity and rejects to wear sexily again: “I do not mind revealing my shoulders and not cleavage. But I have no choice when working and even have to push … Continue reading

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