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Samsung Connect Tag stays connected to the internet to help you track your things or loved ones

Samsung just announced the Connect Tag, a tiny key fob with its own independent internet connection to ensure you can always track important things or loved ones. Phandroid

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RED spills the details of the Hydrogen One’s holographic display

Camera manufacturer RED shares the details of its holographic display technology, from Leia Inc., which will be present in the Hydrogen One. (This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.) Android News + App Reviews + … Continue reading

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*Christmas in July* Day 9 & 10: Come Home to OVER 30 Christmas Movies + 2 New Ones from Hallmark – this Weekend!!!

It’s the first weekend for *Christmas Keepsake* on the Hallmark Channel and we are already on day 9 & 10 of Hallmark’s 17 days of Christmas in July! Celebrate this special time by enjoying lots and lots of Christmas Movies … Continue reading

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Yet another Apple iPhone 8 prototype appears online, and this one’s made from glass and metal

Since the leak of what are alleged to be CAD files for Apple’s upcoming, tenth anniversary iPhone, many high-quality renders of the device have appeared online. Recently, we saw a video that featured a model of the iPhone 8 that … Continue reading

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Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Which One’s The Best?

Years of squabbling with the cable operators over trivial issues that should have never cropped up again in the first place, has led to a slow, but certain death of the former TV czar, Cable TV. Let’s admit it, we … Continue reading

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Hey Trump, Japanese Buy Foreign Cars (Just Not US Ones)

Japanese failing to buy hulking left-hand drive American gas guzzlers = protectionism according to the imbecile Trump. Close links between Japanese business and government are the stuff of legend. This week, Shinzo travels to the United States to press the … Continue reading

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Raymond Tsang passed away; Oscar Leung says we must cherish the time spend with our loved ones

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Cindy Au (歐倩怡) attended an event at Wu Kai Sha on 23 April. When mentioned about Jinny Ng (吳若希) gave birth to baby daughter successfully, Oscar reacted in shock: “Huh? Congratulations! Hope they are safe and … Continue reading

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