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Man United welcome NFL stars Josh Norman and Emanuel Sanders to training with Alexis Sanchez on verge of joining

The Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos stars posed with the Red Devils at the Carrington training base mirror – Football

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Deion Sanders DESTROYS Tony Romo, ‘You Ain’t Won Nothin’

Deion Sanders destroyed Tony Romo. There’s really no cute or punchy way to put it. The guy opened up his Hall of Fame mouth and ate the soul of Romo live on television. It happened because Tony dissed Deion’s tackling … Continue reading

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06/10 Links: Dershowitz: Bernie Sanders: Knave or Fool?; Vogue: Israel’s ‘Stunning Beaches’ Have ‘Something for Every Type of Sand Lover’

From Ian: Alan Dershowitz: Bernie Sanders: Knave or Fool? It is clear that if Corbyn were anti-black, anti-women, anti-Muslim or anti-gay, Sanders would not have campaigned for him. Does this make him a self-hating Jew? Or does he just not … Continue reading

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05/05 Links Pt2: Phillips: Melanie at Berkeley; Sanders rejects BDS in interview with Al Jazeera

From Ian: Melanie Phillips: Melanie at Berkeley Third fact. There was never a Palestinian nation or a Palestinian people. No Arabs ever considered themselves to be Palestinians. They thought of themselves as part of an Arab nation. There was no … Continue reading

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