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Cardi B Shakes Off Death Threats, Hell-Bent On All-Star Weekend Gigs

Cardi B isn’t letting death threats from the Crips block her from a 6-figure payday over NBA All-Star Weekend — it’s all part of street life, as far as she’s concerned. Sources close to Cardi tell TMZ … she’s sticking to … Continue reading

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Trump’s national security team sees building a 5G network as an option to counter spying threats by China

A 5G network is expected to offer significantly faster speeds, more capacity and shorter response times, which could be utilized for new technologies Latest News Tech on Firstpost

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TMZ Live: Don Lemon Death Threats From Trump Supporter

ON TODAY’S SHOW O.J. Simpson: Partying With Hot Bikini Babes  Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump Ben Affleck: Not Ready For The Big Step With GF Lamar Odom: Back In The Danger Zone? TMZ.com

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GSP vs. Bisping: Threats, Cussing, Insults In Backstage Standoff

Things got even crazier than we thought between GSP and Michael Bisping — with both men threatening to knock the other out during a crazy heated showdown backstage at a UFC 217 media event.  The guys had just wrapped up … Continue reading

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Younger Brother of Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock Has Long Rap Sheet, Criminal Threats, Arson

The younger brother of Stephen Paddock has a rap sheet of a hardened criminal … light-years different from the brother who slaughtered dozens of innocent people. Bruce Paddock currently lives in California, but he’s led a nomadic life. TMZ has… … Continue reading

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India and Australia pledge to combat threats together after cyber policy dialogue

India and Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to an “open, free, secure, stable, peaceful and accessible cyberspace” and pledged to work together on matters of common interest in the field and to combat threats. “Australia and India reaffirmed their commitment … Continue reading

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Judge who blocked Trump’s revised travel ban gets death threats

US authorities have revealed that Justice Derrick Watson, the federal judge from Hawaii who blocked president Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has received numerous threats against his life. FBI spokeswoman Michele Ernst said Thursday that the agency is aware of … Continue reading

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Cisco unveiles an intent-based intuitive system that anticipates actions and stops security threats

Cisco unveiled an intent-based networking solution on 21 June that represents a significant breakthrough in enterprise networking. The new system is an intuitive system that anticipates actions, stops security threats, and continues to evolve and learn. It will help businesses … Continue reading

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AC Milan keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma sent death threats during contract negotiations, claims agent Mino Raiola

The 18-year-old was pelted with fake dollars during Italy Under-21 match against Denmark mirror – Football

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03/24 Links Pt1: Westminster Carnage, Turkish Delight; Yes, the Jew Who Called in Bomb Threats Was Anti-Semitic

From Ian: Ruthie Blum: Westminster Carnage, Turkish Delight Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t know he was going to get so lucky on Wednesday, when a threat he issued instantly materialized.Indeed, the Islamist leader of the former modernizing democracy was … Continue reading

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