The Sims Freeplay- Adding Mezzanine Floors (Indoor Balconies!)

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Once you complete the DIY Homes: All Mezzed Up Discovery Quest you will be able to add mezzanine floors to your houses! Mezzanine floors are partly open floors or indoor balconies, this post will walk you through how to add, resize and delete them.


1.Firstly you need to have rooms in your house to be able to add a mezzanine to, you need to have a room below the room which you want to build a mezzanine. I added a basement, a room on the ground floor and a room on the second floor:

2.Go to the house section and find the mezzanine tab:

3.Click on it, the tab says:

To build a mezzanine, touch and drag anywhere WITHIN a room. Ensure there is a room BELOW the room which you want to build the mezzanine. Green means the mezzanine can be built white red means it can’t.

4.Drag in a room to place the mezzanine

Click the green tick to place it there, click the red cross if you want to try again:

5.I built two mezzanines, one on my ground floor and one on my second floor, to build one on the ground floor you need to have a basement (click here for my adding basements guide!)

Adding Railings to a Mezzanine

Once you have built the mezzanine you can change the railings by going to the railings section and clicking on the mezzanine you want to change:

Resizing a Mezzanine

If you want to resize the mezzanine, go to the mezzanine tab and drag the white arrows on your existing mezzanine, click the green tick to accept the changes or the cross to go back to your original mezzanine.

Deleting a Mezzanine

Go back to the mezzanine tab and click on the one you want to delete, click the red simoleon button to sell that mezzanine:

What is the smallest mezzanine I can build? The smallest is 1×2

Check out my video here:

Thanks for reading!


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